CSR and Sustainability

At Jobman, we place great emphasis on sustainability and take responsibility for how our operations affect both people and our planet. Of course, we hope that you are satisfied with our products and also with us as a company.

As a part of New Wave Group, we pursue an active sustainability work towards a vision of sustainable growth where business solutions are not only financially profitable, but also sustainable from a social and environmental perspective.

What makes the biggest difference is how we conduct our everyday business. That is why we integrate sustainability into our core operations and processes. The work includes, amongst several things, improved working conditions in production countries, a progressive work with chemicals and streamlining transport and logistics.

We invite you to take part of our work with CSR and sustainability. More information is available in our Sustainability Report, where we highlight important activities, achievements and ambitions for the future. The report reflects the questions that are most important for New Wave Group and has been prioritized high by our stakeholders.



NWG SUSTAINABLE REPORT 2020_front 400pxl.jpg

Download as pdf here.